Why Hello

What up internet person,

Welcome to my blog! Apparently, I haven’t done this before, so I really have no clue where to start on haha. I feel like this blog is going to be about me and my thoughts. Hence the name lol, I will be formal and informal when I write on here. Whatever comes into my mind, I’ll try to discuss it in this blog. My blog will basically be anything; my political views, personal experiences, encounters, and much more. I want to see if I can maintain spontaneousness and creativity as well when I write. This is also a place where I can work on my writing- please bear with me if my grammar isn’t at its best. I am still learning how to become a better writer and hopefully, I will morph into one as each post I craft.

I haven’t introduced myself, so here are a few things about me. I am a teenager. I love animals. When I was young, maybe around a few months old, I would sit on my dad’s lap and watch National Geographic. Animals never cease to fascinate and amaze me.I also love art and have been drawing for quite some time now so you might find a few pieces of mine on here.

I hope you enjoy everything you encounter,