It’s that time of the year again when all the kids are released from the prison cell known as school. Freedom at last! That was the lingering feeling I felt when I left my high school building. It was sad to leave the classrooms and the teachers I grew to like. But I don’t care anymore. This is finally the closing chapter of my junior year. I am no longer a junior but now a senior. I feel so old because, within a year, I will be leaving behind my high school for a step up at a top-tier, beautiful university outside of Texas. No more bipolar Texan weather. I don’t think I will suffer much anymore from the scorching Texan heat that I learned to adapt to. I will actually get to experience all the four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. For the years I’ve lived in Texas, I never experienced real snow. The only snow  I can vividly remember was back in the 5th grade when it snowed. But the snow was fleeting and after a while, it transformed into a muddy mush. In the place I hope to go, I will enjoy the beauty of winter while also fall when the leaves would transition into a vibrant deep orange-reddish hue before they fall off. But all of this is merely a dream if I don’t act upon it this summer. This summer is one of my shortest summers in the past 3 years of high school. The school officials apparently revamped the starting date for school now and we have to go back to school early August. I dread the fact that I have such a limited time to do everything I need to do so I must grind to get everything done and maintain discipline. I need to get myself together. In the past few months, I was a total emotional and physical wreck. It was to the point that I cried and broke down a lot because I couldn’t handle the stress and school in general. Furthermore, I also need to study again for my SAT. I don’t have much time, my test date is looming closer. Had I perfected it the first time, I don’t think I would be here writing about my problems. But my life is not that. I’m not a child-genius who apparently excels in standardized testing so I must compensate for my shortcomings by taking advantage of my free summer to fix my poor SAT score. Lastly, I want to be fit. I will be running 30 minutes every day to get my legs and belly toned. I am sick of neglecting myself physically and mentally. This is a way for my body to recover from the damage of staying up late and eating shit everyday. All of these plans and so little time to do them all.


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