I just checked online to see when my test results will come out on one of the standardized tests that I took. I am a bit worried, to say the least, and I hope that it is way better than what I will expect it to be. However, I will still remain hopeful despite my worries because God will deliver. I didn’t do so well on my last one which is weird because I studied very hard for it.  I don’t want to be disappointed and sulk about it like I did last time.


Today has been fairly a good day. When I got home I looked through a stack of mail and found a pamphlet from a university. Nothing initially grabbed my attention about this pamphlet but as I continued to read the pamphlet I was hooked in. I wanted to know more about the school and when I flipped the pamphlet over, a poster unraveled itself. This left me pleasantly surprised and shocked. It was unexpecting and it made me love the school even more. I initially never really considered going to the school, but after seeing the poster and the letter they sent me, I was instantly hooked in. Something about the school is making me gravitate towards it more. It leaves me wondering if this school is really the school for me. The only downside to the school is that it is out-of-state. However, the pamphlet states that the school will meet 100 percent of the student’s needs if they get accepted. It makes me feel hopeful and want to work harder. The school is tough to get in, but I will get admitted. 



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