Case for Christ

Recently, my parents and I went to the movie theater to watch a Christian movie. After a fun day of rock climbing and eating out with family and friends, we decided to do this. It wasn’t in our agenda, but because I am busy tomorrow and there really is no time to watch this again we went to see it at 10:00 PM. The movie was great all in all. I came in feeling very stoic. I didn’t expect anything but I was open-minded for the film. Although I grew up in a Christian family, I still had doubts about Jesus Christ.

This film seemed to clear up the murk in my belief of God. I realized that the simple answer for God was love. The truth is unavoidable and sometimes we have to get rid of our prejudices and assumptions beforehand in order to understand the truth. It is hard to do this because we grow up with a twisted view of reality. We grow up believing that everything has to be tangible in order for it to be real. God doesn’t seem tangible, but in reality, he is because we can feel him through love and emotions. He is there spiritually in our hearts if we allow him to be there. Sometimes it is hard to see this because we are clouded with emotions and can’t really distinguish the reality of things. We are confused by everything around us because there is deception and lies being spoken.  The truth is simply evident if we open ourselves to it. We can’t simply push it away since it is written in history and in our hearts. We ourselves have to be investigators in order to distinguish the truth from the lies just like what Lee Strobel did. Not everything in the universe can be unraveled by the human mind; we still look in the cosmos for questions but the universe is infinite and our questions don’t always have answers to them. It takes a leap of faith to believe or to not believe that God exists.

It really hit me right there because God gives me a choice to believe in him or not. There is strong evidence in history that points that God does exist and Jesus was really God in spiritual form. There are over 5,000 pieces of works (mainly the New Testament) dating back to the resurrection of Christ. In comparison to the Odessey that has only about 1,000 works written about it. That evidence is unavoidable and shows that the resurrection isn’t simply a hoax. Over 500 witness accounts have been recorded within months of Jesus’ Resurrection.  The Qu’ran that was created 6 centuries later before the death of Christ denounces all of this but that piece of work is older than the strong evidence that proves the legitimacy of Jesus’ Resurrection. There has been medical evidence that Jesus could not simply survive the torture he faced during his crucifixion. He didn’t escape as some people would believe. He did not have the capacity to even escape because of what the Romans did to him.The Romans were excellent killers and if they failed to do their job they too were subjected to harsh punishment like Jesus. He was nailed to the cross in the most brutal way that the nails and bearings dug through his flesh every time he was whipped. The whips did not leave mere lashes but instead deep tears down his back.  He was also positioned on the cross that it made it difficult for him to breath in and out everytime he was whipped. It was strenuous for him to breath and it made his death more painful.

I learned a lot from this movie and sometimes I still have my doubts but it did clear up my belief for God. I do believe in God and I know he is real. His existence is tangible even though we can’t see or feel him in person.


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