4/7/2017 The day before test day

I woke up this morning with a windy start. I didn’t feel the best, but I did feel better after struggling with the flu from the last couple of days. My period is starting to fade away and my body is slowly starting to get back to its normal routine. I forced myself to get up for school and dress up. I hastily ate breakfast, but my parents told me to relax because they would take me to school. School ends up in a blur. It was a typical, mundane day for me. Nothing really exciting happened today, except maybe learning about circuits in physics. I took two tests which were Precalculus and Statistics. I wasn’t really confident when it came to them. I kinda winged Statistics for the most part and guessed in Precal which is pretty bad. I was tempted to even sit down and just stare at my test paper during Statistics. Even though I have practiced doing statistic problems for such a long time, I couldn’t recall the difference between paired T-Test, 2-Sample T-Text, X^2 Homogeneity, X^2 of Independence, X^2 of Goodness of Fit,  Linear Regression T-Test, and Linear Regression T-Interval. My brain simply wasn’t working, and I kept rereading the long paragraph-style questions hoping that it would recall the differences between the types of tests. I felt kinda helpless and just decided that if it is really bad, I will just retake. However, I don’t really care. I keep thinking towards my summer plans.  My mind is off somewhere else hoping that summer comes now so it can finally be freed from the prison cell known as school. However, my mom made me realize that tomorrow I actually have to face reality. I don’t want to but I have to because it determines the course of my future for the next four years of my life. I hate to think that I’m growing up but I need to learn that I have to accept it. I have a test tomorrow that will mark my fate and give the final seal to my high school career. For years, I have been working hard and long to attain good grades and an excellent academic standing. I feel quite apprehensive about this test because it is what defines me to colleges out there. However, I will try my best. I will admit,  I didn’t prepare at all because I didn’t want to stress myself. I have been for months hurting myself mentally and physically by staying up and trying to keep up with the academic demand and workload I signed up for. I don’t have time to fully compensate for the sleep and health I lost. I hope I don’t do badly on the test. I am trying to keep a positive mindset for tomorrow. I also hope that God is listening to my dreams and goals for the future. This test has the possibility of opening opportunities for me to go to a good school. I know that in my heart God will deliver his promises. I hope this test result is the deal breaker and it erases my past disappointments from the beginning of the year. God I give my worries to you and if you are listening I hope you help me tomorrow by giving me the strength, clarity of mind,  and speed to top the exam.






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