4/7/2017 A farewell Goodbye to my darling babies

My darling babies, when I first got you in the mail I was ecstatic. I couldn’t be more proud to pick you guys up and hold you in my hands. You guys were soft, wild, and fluffy. I have raised you all from chicks into fully grown, big, and beautiful hens. The first time y’all girls laid an egg I was very happy. The eggs were far from the colors I imagined they would be; they were small, dainty, and a pretty robin blue color.

When I picked the eggs up, they reminded me of the bright, baby blue sky. I was proud indeed, to be able to raise you all even if it was for a short time. I am angry, bitter, and resentful to know that I am forced to get rid of y’all girls because of the Home Owner’s Association. It isn’t fair because of y’all girls were the most tamed chickens I ever owned. It was adorable to see you guys come up and let me hold you. It almost seemed that you guys were like puppies. Maybe, I might keep Billie because Billie has been the first baby I ever got. The moment I got her, I knew she was forever mine.


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