The day of birth of the best woman in my life



The day of birth of the best woman in my life

I wasn’t really sure to title this first post but I did want to put something down at least haha. I want to stimulate my mind and see if I am actually awake and not in a trance. I have the feeling of tiredness and contentment after having a long day.

Today has been pretty great at least. I woke up in a good mood despite feeling a bit sick. My throat initially felt itchy and my eyes had crust on them.  However, I was productive; I helped my dad and brother prep the house for cleaning. I was busy all day running around doing errands, such as washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and feeding the chickens. I also managed to clean my room and wash my bedsheets.

Today was also an important day because it was my mom’s birthday. We celebrated her birthday the traditional way without going out. She cooked us her best food. She made pancit, which is a Filipino dish that contained stir-fry veggies and noodles. She then also served us a Vietnamese dish made of fried shrimp and veggies. We finished the good meal with eating a carrot cake that her friend brought her.

I just want to thank my mom for everything she has done for me. Her meal was exceptional like everything she does for us. She gives the very best without hesitation to her children. She is a selfless, strong-minded woman. Without her, I wouldn’t be here today or I wouldn’t be able to do the things I can do. She’s been there with me in the beginning when I first popped out of the womb. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone to do things that I lack the courage to do. If it weren’t for her sacrifices, our lives would not be as comfortable as it is right now. She is my backbone when I am weak and need support. She never left us and never stopped believing in us. My brother, sister, and I are lucky to have her in our lives. We won the lottery when we got her as our mom.  I feel that no woman can amount to how great she is. She is loving, kind, tender, understanding, selfless, forgiving, strong, brave, and determined. My words can’t simply describe how good of woman she is only my emotions and affections can.

Mom, if you ever read this, I just want to thank you for giving me life and being there for me.


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